Firefly Zone

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Alliance: Government
Amygdala: It's like a filter in your brain that keeps your feelings in check.
Ariel: A central planet. Quite a nice place, actually. There are some beautiful museums not to mention some of the finest restaurants in the core. There's hiking. And you can go swimming in a bioluminescent lake.
Back Birth: A total idiot.
Badger: A total ass.
Beaumond: City of New Duhsmuir.
Bellerophon: All the estates use this auto-mated garbage drone system. You h it on little button and the drone whooshes off with the trash.
Bellerophon Estates: Home to the rich and paranoid. Gracious living, ocean views and state-of-the-art security including local patrols and multi-code keys needed at all entrances and exits.
Bifodan: A drug that makes a person appear dead.
Blackout: Turn all the lights out so you won't be spotted.
Booby Traps: Reavers sometimes leave them on rescue ships. If you deattach you blow up.
Book: A sheperd from the Southdown Abbey.
Boros: Big and crawling with Alliance.
Bowden's Malady: Affliction of the bone and muscle. Degenerative. It's treatable with Pescaline.
Breakers: The six points where it's brightest. Hit one of those, should short it out.
Captain Dummy-Talk: Plain talk no technical terms.
Companion: A classier version of hooker that comes complete with their own guild.
Crybaby: A can thing that sends out a distress signal to be used as a distraction and sounds like a personnel carrier without
Dermal Mender: Creates an excellent tissue bond.
Des: Destination
Duck: Code for prisoners.
Eaves Downs Docks: The place to go if you want to catch a ride somewhere that is elsewhere.
Firefly Class: Transport ship. Illegal salvage. Low-life vultures picking flesh off the dead. Midbulk transport. Standard raion accelerator class-code 03-K64.
Foofaraw: All frilly and rufffley.
Goodnight Kiss: Narcotic compound spread as a seal on the lips. Good way to rob guys.
Grandpa: An old guy.
Greenleaf: They have med help there.
Griswald: It's a grenade. About the size of a battery. It responds to pressure. Don't make much noise. Just little pops with people kind of just end at the ribcage.
Hands Of Blue: Has this wand thingie that causes people to bleed from various orifices ending in death.
Hard Burn: Step on it.
Humped: Seriously screwed.
Hydrozopan: Street value 200
Isoprobyline: A common immune maybe booster. Street value 50 platinum 20 credits.
Jiangyin: Settlers up in the hills take people sometimes, usually tradesmen and the like.
Lssiter: The original handheld laser pistorl. Only two are said to still exist. The forerunner of all modern technology.
Local Color: Some fighting where you're seriously outnumbered.
Mag-drops: Explosives
Moon Brain: Someone that babbles.
Mudder's Milk: Avoid it. All the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma's best turkey dinner plus 15 percent alcohol. Liquid bread to keep you from starving.
Net: It'll turn the ship into one big electrical conduit, burn us all from the inside out. Some of the newer ones will just hold you and then the scrappers will override the airlocks pull the O2 or just gas you. They're not looking to deal with survivors.
Patience: Shot Mal. Owns half of the moon. Doesn't like paying for stuff when she can just take it.
Patron: The one in charge.
Paridiso: Everyone that lives there suffers from Bowdens.
Peck Of Trouble: Getting your hands and feet hacked off with a machete and rolled into the bog.
Pop: Pain killer
Prairie Harpy: Bed buddy
Propoxyn: Street value maybe 80

Reavers: They chase those that run. Men gone savage on the edge of space, killing. If they take a ship they'll rape the occupants to death, eat the flesh, and sew the skins into their clothing. They'll do it in that order if you're very, very lucky. Men too long removed from civilization. Reavers ain't men or they forgot how to be.
Reader: Psychic
Recover Ward: Where patients come to get better.
Sanguine: Hopeful. It also means bloody.
Sihnon: Much like Persepone. More crowded and more complicated. It's like an ocean of light.
Sly: Guys that lean toward men folk.
Soup Thing: Rub soup in hair.
Space Trash: It latches onto the first big something that stops long enough.
Sticky: A gluey like substance that is poured on a hatch and eats through so the door can be opened.
3-D neuro-imager: It allows you to see a person's brain.
Unification Day: The end of the scumbag independents and the dawn of a new galaxy.
Unisex: A one-man, one-woman assault.
Waved: To call someone using a screen that allows you to see who you are talking to.
Wetware Smuggling: Smuggling body organs.
Whitefall: The fourth moon on Athens. Not exactly civilization in the strictest sense.
Yu, Shan: The psychotic dictator. Fancied himself quite the warrior poet. Wrote volumes on war, torture the limits of human endurance. "Live with a man 40 years. Share his house, his meals. Speak on every subject. Then tie him up and hold him over the volcano's edge. And on that day you will finally meet the man.