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Med Deck

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Bushwhacked It's rude to call the doctor space trash after all he's the one fixing you up when you get injured.
I've dealt with bodies they don't worry me. Simon
Wear a mask and gloves when dealing with the dead.
Safe Seeing a lot of blood means you ain't dead yet.
The first thing to do is stop the bleeding.
Sometimes you need a doctor. Simon
When it comes to medical help fast is better than slow.
The right ident card can get you immediate medical attention.
Make sure you keep the bandage.
An unconscious person uses less oxygen.
No clinical descriptions of death.
No fighting when oxygen is waning.
St Lucy's
You see, like all core hospitals St. Lucy's has its own dedicated security force a small battery of local Alliance federals substationed here. Every floor, every doorway is equipped with sensors. And at all points of entry, patient eye-dent scans. However, once clear of those checkpoints movement within the facility itself should be relatively unhindered.
St Lucy's Hospital contracts with the local municipal dump yard for all its large disposals.
Sometimes the doctor doesn't help right so feel free to step in when faced with an incompetent.
You don't crack a post-op.
As long as the heart's beating it's ok for a patient to go tachy.
Make sure you combine Apresaline with Dilaftin to avoid ending up with a dead patient.
Take the doctor with you that you had to zap because his keycard could come in handy.

Put the body part on ice until it can be reattached.
Don't fiddle with your reattached body part.
When a body's been decently preserved there's no smell
Better to look through the dead body including autopsy than getting blowed up.
Using corpses for smuggling is a time honored repulsive custom. Mal
It's customary for an autopsy to be down when the person is dead.
When you're able to say ow you should be fine.
Always clean your arm and other body parts.
Medications can be erratic.
Doctors talk medical jargon.