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Serenity: Only shoot someone that's actually armed.
The Train Job: What may sound like nonsense could actually not be such nonsense. Beware of men with hands of blue.
Bushwhacked: Saving a man's life can get you out of a heap of trouble although you still may lose the cargo.
Shindig: Ya gotta love a mighty fine shindig.
Safe: Don't thwart the angry guy with the big gun.
Our Mrs Reynolds: Don't get so drunk that a woman hangs a wreath around your head which makes you married.
Jaynestown: Beware of men with wild hair.
Out Of Gas: Always have an extra catalyzer hanging around just in case.
Ariel: Watch out for men with hands of blue because they exist and go out in groups of two.

War Stories: What's said during torture doesn't count like a guy demanding that the Captain sleep with his wife.

Trash: Some collect husbands like others collect pretties.
The Message: Don'y bad talk the hat made by dear old Mom.

Heart Of Gold: Whores are people too.
Objects In Space: Ain't quite right or not some crazies just grow on ya.
Serenity AKA Firefly: The Movie September 30, 2005