Firefly Zone

Kaylee's Diary

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Entry One
Dear Diary
I really should carry around a flashlight so I don't get stuck when we need to go black. It's actually exciting just sitting in space waiting to see what'll happen next. It was cool outsmarting those Alliance scum. So we got the goods. Who knew it would be so fun it would be to do crime.
I just love living on Serenity. The loot was awfully pretty. So gold and shiny. I can't wait till we get to Persephone. Course I love flying through the 'verse but I like going amongst other folk and see the sun. We're even taking on passengers. I like meeting new people with their stories. I hope to get a brandnew compression coil. If it busts we're drifting.
Entry Two
Dear Diary
I just love strawberries. I can't get enough of 'em. So red and plump it just starts my mouth watering. That Sheperd has some great eats. It's right generous of him to share his food with us. I always love eating genuine food.
That Simon is pretty cute. He's just so fancy. I'm guessing he's really smart with him being a doctor and all since he's so young. Jayne can be such a pig. I was just curious about Simon. He seems to be interesting unlike Jayne and his gun collection. He even names 'em which is plum crazy.
Entry Three
Dear Diary
Well that ain't an experience I care to repeat. I got shot right in the gut. I sure didn't like that one little bit. Simon fixed me up pretty. I'm just glad for the drugs. Things wouldn't have been so shiny without them.
I know that Simon wouldn't have let me die. I had faith in him just like I do in my Captain. His sister certainly is a beauty. I'm mighty curious to hear the tale behind that. A person just needs to have faith in a person. I think I'll take a little shut eye since I'm pretty tired.
So we escaped the Reavers which makes us very lucky. Wash is one hell of a pilot and I'm not half bad with machines. I just listen to 'em is all. I always wanted to try a Crazy Ivan and we managed. It was so shiny. I knew my girl had it in her.
Entry Four
Dear Diary
I just love hanging out with Inara. She is just so beautiful. She said I have lovely hair. Now she has great hair. It's nice to just have some girl talk. I wonder if Simon would like my hair up. I really like him but he probably don't notice me too much. I wouldn't mind if he did though.
I need a compression coil. I had to rewire the grav thrust. Captain can be such an ass at times. I need the part soon. It don't hurt none for me to take a break once in a while. I just love hearing about Inara's life. It sounds so exciting to be a companion. Well I need to get back to work.
Entry Five
Dear Diary
He said I could call him Simon which I suppose is a good sign. We just pulled off our first train heist. It was so cool to fly above the train and lower Jayne down. I knew it would work. It didn't go off too smooth since Jayne got shot. I guess even good plans can go wrong.
The loot turned out be medical supplies. That is just wrong. Sure we do crime but that don't mean we take supplies from sick folk. I don't believe the Captain would leave anyone behind. Boy Jayne is sure heavy. Inara got the Captain and Zoe out safe and sound. Good on Inara for hitting him since he deserves it sometimes
Entry Six
Dear Diary
It's funny how fast things can change. We were just playing some ball when we came across a ship just spinning in space. I found some pretties and we found a survivor. It's so awful how all those folks were strung up like that. I guess I was wrong about him being brave since he was turning into a Reaver. Talk about goose pimple making. I thought Jayne wasn't afraid of nothin' but I guess he is since Reavers really wigged him out.
I sure don't want to run into a mess of them. I shut off the booby trap without blowing us all up. It was pretty cool. I did good. We thought we got away clean till that Alliance ship popped up. I didn't like them folks none. I usually like people but not this time. I don't like Serenity being bad talked. What a purple belly calling her a junker.
I sure don't like people pawing through my stuff. Well the Captain saved that purple belly's butt so he let s go so we're all safe and sound. So we're still flying and I got to keep those parts I found on that ship. So my girl's in good shape and no where near a junker.
Entry Seven
Dear Diary
That sure was a fancy party. Captain bought me that pretty dress. I just couldn't resist the ruffles. He made up for being so mean. Just 'cause I'm a mechanic don't mean I don't like pretty things. It was a name party till the punching and fancy too. Those girls were mean but the men were sure nice.
I never thought I'd get to go to such a fancy party. They had strawberries and all sorts of goodies. I never did get around to dancing. I put my dress in a special spot so I can just admire it and remember a magical time. The dresses were so beautiful. The chandelier was floating in the air like it was dancing.
Captain survived the duel. I guess a person has to be careful where they hit someone. Sounds like the guy had it comin' insulting Inara like that. She is one classy lady. So the jerk has been blacklisted which he totally deserves. He won't admit it but Captain has feelings for Inara. He's mighty protective and did get stabbed for her. It's pretty darn romantic.
Entry Eight
Dear Diary
I liked the swan me and Inara saw at the store. It looked like it was made with longing like the person longed to see one. I was thinking about getting a gift for Simon while we were on Jiangyin. That plate was rich so I thought of him. At least that's what I thought. He's just so shuai. I just want to take a bite out of him all over. Well wasn't I all impressive with my postholer knowledge. So he thought that plate was crap which makes me glad I didn't get it for him. That would have been bad.
I can't believe he said Serenity's luh-suh. She ain't luh-suh. That's just mean. So I guess he can't think much of me 'cause I chose this life. I guess I ain't got a chance with him since he's showing himself to be a snob. Maybe it's stress on account of him being on the run and all. It can't be easy giving up everything for his sister like that. I just can't stand people trashing Serenity.
I'm so relieved that Shepperd's gonna be all right. I was really scrared for him. I thought he was gonna die. He got fixed up real good by those Alliance folk. They took good care of him. We went back for Simon and River. It just wasn't right leaving them like that. It was a close call 'cause they was gonna burn them. That just ain't right. I'm sure glad everyone's safe and sound.
Entry Nine
Dear Diary
Those folks were sure friendly. There was music and dancing. I turned in early 'cause I was all tuckered out so I didn't see the Captain getting married. He can be so mean sometimes. That girl Saffron was quite the con artist. I felt bad for her since I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of his meanness but I guess she deserved it.
We were almost goners caught up in that net but we made it through. She made things a right muckery. I saw the look on poor Inara's face when it was revealed the Captain got married to her. I know she has feelings for him though she won't admit it. He's just as stubborn but a man ain't gonna fight a duel for just anyone. They are just so stubborn. I suppose I shouldn't talk none with my own predictament with Simon.
Entry Ten
Dear Diary
Wow that sure was something. I finally heard Simon swear. I ain't heard him do it before. I wasn't sure he knew how. That statue of Jayne was kinda creepy. The eyes followed me wherever I went. I sure didn't expect to see a statue of Jayne. He even got a song for dropping some money.
Things were goin' well with Simon till we passed out. He was funny and said I was pretty. Finally I thought he was gettin' somewhere. Well it was fun drinkin' with him. He needs to relax more and have fun once in a while. He really put his foot in his mouth when he said he'd never with me. He can really confound me at times.
That guy was downright scary not to mention downright ugly. I'm glad he didn't hurt Simon too bad. I sure don't want to go back to Canton again. Jayne as a hero just ain't natural. That song's stuck in my head. His speech wasn't too bad though. I didn't know he had it in him. I guess everyone needs to believe in something.
Entry Eleven
Dear Diary
Serenity is all in one piece and we're all ok. I just feel bad I didn't know something was wrong with Serenity before this happened. I just couldn't move when I saw that wave of flame rushing towards me. I am so relieved that Zoe's gonna be fine. She's one tough lady. Captain's gonna be fine too.
So the boat is all fixed up. Captain did real good replacing the catalyzer. I'm really proud of him. It was pretty scary leaving him behind on the ship possibly to die. We all came back and it was good time 'cause Captain got shot. I'm just glad we're all home again. I can't imagine not being on this boat. She's like a part of the family.
Entry Twelve
Dear Diary
Great we go to a core planet and I get to sort through trash. There were some treasures among the junk. At least I got to go outside. It would have been nice if I was sent shopping at the Triplex. Simon came up with a great plan. He sure is smart.
I wouldn't want to have to spend two whole days in a hospital. I don't think I could do that every year like Inara. Those places are plain creepy. All those hurt and folks dying. I'm glad my part didn't involve going in the hospital. I hope Simon gets some answers to help River. Who knows what they did to that poor girl?
Entry Thirteen
Dear Diary
Now that was scary. I froze up and couldn't use that gun. Of course I wanted to help get Cap back but I ain't never fired a gun before. I just couldn't do it. River just grabbed that gun and started firing without even looking. That was scary but she did save my life. I have no idea how she did it. I don't know what to think about that. We got the Cap and Simon put his ear back on. That must have hurt.
It's just funny how drastically a day could change. First we was just peeking at Inara's client and next think we know the Captain and Wash are captives of a psycho. They looked so glamorous together. I had no idea the Counselor was a woman. I suppose it's a nice change every so often.
Entry Fourteen
Dear Diary
Saffron turned up again. I just don't like that girl. She seems to collect husbands like Jayne does guns. My plan worked but it was a close call. She was put with the trash where she belongs. We got the gun and outsmarted her. It was so weird Jayne being so generous. I never thought I'd see the day. I just love fruit. I'm not so sure I'll be munching on my apple the next time around around hearing  why Cap and Zoe always cut their apples. I'd like to keep my head right where it is. A person can learn something new every day.
Entry Fifteen
Dear Diary
So much for my date with Simon. We went to see if there was really alien life. It turned out to be an upside down cow fetus in a jar. I was hoping for some kissing when he really put his foot in it. He sure don't know how to make a girl feel special. It's like he was sayin' he likes me 'cause I'm not related or married. Not exactly what a girl wants to hear. I swear sometimes he doesn't even seem human.
It's kinda creepy that Zoe and Cap got sent their dead friend through the mail. I guess he knew that he could trust them to bring him home. It's so sad that he survived the war only to end up dead. He just looked like he was sleeping peacefully. We're flyng to his home for a proper burial.
Entry Sixteen
Dear Diary
Well that day wasn't something a person sees every day. The guy wasn't dead. He did give me a big fright. He was just sleeping on account of him smugglin' body parts. Sadly he's dead now for real. Tracy was just a bit messed up and scared is all. That's why he grabbed me 'cause he was desperate. It's just a shame that he didn't trust Cap. I gave his family the message he recorded. It ought to help a little and I'm sure they'll love to hear his voice.
Death always makes me grateful to be alive. Things can get dangerous around here but every second I'm breathing is precious. I realize that Simon was just tongue tied. That don't mean it don't hurt when he says something stupid. It's a sign that he likes me 'cause he can't make the right words come out. He has such nice hands. So I forgive him for being such a boob 'sides life is too short.
Entry Seventeen
Dear Diary
That was nice how the whore house had boy whores. I never found out if they serviced women folk or not. That Nandy was a hell of alady. It's a shame she got killed. She made a home for all those whores and made things better if the men folk in that place tend to be like that Rances.
So this time I didn't freeze up. I don't think I'll every reach a point where I'll feel comfortable holding a gun and firing it but I was able to react this time. I got Wash out of the way and we locked those fellows in with no one getting shot. I didn't like it the first time so I don't want it to happen again. Those folk should be fine now though it came with a high price. I guess everything worth fighting for does. I really liked Nandy.
Entry Eighteen
Dear Diary
Why did I say that about space bugs? Talk about dumb. I just didn't want him mad at me on account of River. I had to say something. She scared me the way she fired that gun. Thankfully she didn't fire this time. I care about her but that don't stop me from worrying about what she might do.
Me and Simon were having a nice time just talking and telling stories. He loosened up and it was great. Still no smooch. We was about to when Book came back. He gave up a lot to save his sister but it ain't all bad here. I wonder what Cap's gonna decide. I don't think River would hurt any of us but I can't say that for a hundred percent.
Entry Nineteen
Dear Diary
I'm not really one for wishing people dead but this time I'll make an exception. That man really scared me. It was like he weren't even human. I bet he didn't even have a soul. It was just empty in his eyes. I was afraid he was gonna come back and do like he threatened.
River really helped me be brave. I just couldn't think straight with all these nightmare visions in my head. It ain't her fault her brains got scrambled. She's part of the family. I think Simon's making progress with her. It'll just take time for him to fix her up.
Entry Twenty
Dear Diary
This is bad. Simon wants to leave with River. I don't want them to leave. I bet he don't spit but he did punch Cap. It was just a heated moment 'cause of the close call with the Reavers. That was mighty scary. I don't want to have a close encounter with them again.
We pulled off a Barn Swallow. It's a good thing it worked 'cause things could have gotten really ugly. River sensed them comin'. I don't think I could handle knowin' all the stuff she does. Things can be scary enough as it is. I hope we can get those needed parts when we land. I hope they don't leave. We need a Doc on board to patch us up and stuff.
Entry Twenty-One
Dear Diary
Well they came back. I was just so mad at Cap. It's like he was gonna drive us all away one by one. He just let Inara go without a word. I really miss her. We wave but it isn't the same. I liked hanging out with her talking about stuff and she'd brush my hair. It's getting so I don't think I'll never get anything twixt my nethers that weren't run on batteries.
It must have been entertaining to have seen Riven beat up Jayne. She's so tiny. I'm glad Cap brought 'em back. We just couldn't leave them after that. I'm hopin' Mr Universe can help us. He's supposed to be all smart like. I feel so bad for the girl yet at the same time she can scare me too.
Entry Twenty-Two
Dear Diary
I hope to never see horrors like that ever again. So many dead. I can't believe we made it through Reaver territory not once but twice. I'm glad we were able to give our friends proper burials. Shepperd and Wash are gone. I'll really miss them. I suppose it's a miracle that so many of us survived since we all could have got killed.
I was motivated to live. I never thought I'd fire a gun but I did so I got hurt with those sharp things. It took a life or death situation for Simon to own up to his feelings. I finally got him twixt my nethers. I kinda feel bad at feeling happy 'cause of all the dead and people I love no longer being here with us. I just hope it wasn't in vain that all those deaths mean something.
What happened on Miranda can't happen again. The word is out on that horror. No wonder poor River was crazed with all that stuck in her head. I couldn't bear to watch the whole thing even once so I couldn't even begin to imagine what it'd be like to have it with me all the time. I think she'll be ok after this now that the truth's out. Maybe now things can get more normal like. I hope Inara doesn't leave again. I don't think she wants to.