Firefly Zone

The Companion's Guide

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I mostly keep to myself. When I'm not whoring.
Then when I'm behind on the rent, you can enter unasked.
A companion chooses her own clients.
You look for compatibility and spirit.
When going to a ball don't forget your tiara.
It takes less than a pound of pressure to cut skin.
You don't play a player.
It's not embarassing to be a virgin. It's simply one's state of being. Inara
Companions choose the people they're to be with very carefully. Inara
A man is just a boy who's old enough to ask that question. Inara
I don't discuss my clients.
A Companion doesn't kiss and tell.
If I choose a woman she tends to be extraordinary in some way.
One cannot always be oneself in the company of men.
Let's just enjoy ourselves.
One of the virtues of not being puritanical about sex is not feeling embarrassed afterwards.

Get your license from the Guild otherwise you're just a whore which ain't got the same ring to it.
As a Companion you'll be required to have a medical exam when you wish to renew your license.
As a Companion you have the option of choosing your clients and have the right to refuse anyone you wish.
You have the right to blacklist a client so he/she can never purchase the services of a Companion ever again.
Atherton Wing has been blacklisted so his money ain't any good no matter how much he's willing to pay.
As a Companion you can choose your loaction such as a shuttle on a Firefly.
Traveling on a ship widens your client base.
It's good to put your client at ease when he's nervous.
Prepare some tea and chat at first.
Sometimes you might feel like taking a female client which is much easier.
Know the art of massage to ease away any tensions.
Set the right mood.
Companion Greeting Ceremony: A ritual with centuries of tradition. Sit and have tea and chat first.
Renew License As Companion
It's Guild Law. All Companions are required to undergo a physical examination once a year.
Comfortable means totally along when it comes to a very private client and his/her companion.
The client is not always a male.
A Companion knows the art of massage.
Most of the clientale is male but not always.
A true Companion never stops practicing.
A Companion's life can be constricting for some go for whoredom if it isn't for you.
Whores say ain't and Companions don't.