Firefly Zone

Moon Madness

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They won't stop. They'll never stop. Just keep coming until they get back what you took. Two by two. Hands of blue. Two by two. Hands blue.
If you take the labels off the cans you'll have no idea what's inside.
It's the ones that take you. They're the ones reaching and doing it.
Sad little king of a sad little hill.
You can't just dig into me, shove pointed needles in my eyes and ask me what I see.
The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds, given adequate vacuuming systems.
Little soul, big world. Eat, sleep and eat many souls.  They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see sky.
I took you away from there. I know I did. You don't think I do, but I get confused. I remember everything. I remember too much. And some of it's made up and some of it can't be quantified and there's secrets. But I understand. You gave up everything you had to find me. You found me broken.
They say the snow on the roof is too heavy. They say the ceiling will cave in. His brains are in terrible danger. No! I can't. Too much hair.
Day is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable. I didn't get you anything.
You're doing it backwards. Walking up the downslide.
She feels everything. She can't not.
They come out of the bike. They come when you call. You have a treasure in the sand.
They took Christmas away. I came downstairs for the shiny presents. They took the tree and the stockings. Nothing left but coal. Don't look in the closet either. It's greedy. It's not in the spirit of the holiday.
Going. Going back, like apple bits coming back up. Chaos. Played with Kaylee. The sun came out, and I walked on my feet and heard with my ears. I ate the bits. The bits did stay down. And I work. I function like I'm a girl. I hate it because I know it'll go away. The sun goes dark, and chaos is come again. It's fluids. What am I? I threw up on your bed.

Jayne is a girl's name.
Also I can kill you with my brain.
My food is problematic.
You are such a boob.
It's just an object. It doesn't mean what you think.
It was in my hand.
She understands. She doesn't comprehend.
No touching. It's getting very, very crowded!
You're wrong, Early. You're wrong about River. River's not on the ship. They didn't want her here but she couldn't make herself leave. So she melted. Melted away. They didn't know she could do that, but she did.
I'm not on the ship. I'm in the ship. I am the ship. River's gone. You're talking to Serenity. And, Early, Serenity is very unhappy.
You crawl inside me uninvited, and you hurt my crew. I see everything that passes.
It's very interesting, all these buttons.
Don't belong. Dangerous like you. Can't be controlled. Can't be trusted. Everyone could just go on without me and not have to worry. Peopled could be what they wanted to be could be with the people they wanted. Could live simple. No secrets. I'll be fine. I'll be your bounty, Jubal Early and I'll just fade away.
Permission to come aboard.